Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Purple Monki Belly Buddie Lavender & Wheat Heat Pack

I haven't had much time to craft because of my uni commitments but managed to make this yesterday.
had this idea for sometime now to make a monkey heat pack
 as I purchased several metres of purple cotton fabric at the salvos a couple of weeks ago when they had 50% off orange tagged items so like a crazy person I ran around gathering all the orange tagged crafty sewing items I could carry
I have made only one so far but there will be more
cheers kim x

Purple Monki Heat Pack


This is in the shape of an Monkey and I have appliqued eyes ears and mouth using felt pieces
and hand embroidered on the eyes and mouth
Fabric is upcycled from op shops
and I have used Organic Wheat and Australian Lavender
you can heat these in the microwave or place in a plastic bag and freeze
great for aches and pains in your belly Or any where or just to warm you up
heat pack measures 26 cm wide & 15 cm high
Comes with Instructions on how to use

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